Directorate of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Artisan Pension Pensioners Section

Old Age Pension to Handicrafts and Village Industries Artisans:

The Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises has been implementing the scheme for providing old Age Pension to Handicrafts and Village Industries Artisans in recognition to their contribution in the craft those who fulfill the following conditions:

1. He has attained 60 years of age and is a permanent resident of West Bengal

2. He has worked for at least 10 years in manufacture of handicrafts and village industries products and has been earning his livelihood as a handicrafts or a village industry artisan either independently or in a registered society, co-operative, voluntary organization.

3. He has no source of income and he is not in a position to earn his livelihood.

4. He has no relation who can maintain him.

5. He has been a resident of West Bengal for not less than 10 years on the date of making application.

6. He is not receiving any pension from the State Government or Government of India.