Directorate of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

General EDP Applicants Section

Enterpreneurship Development Programme

The Directorate takes initiative to facilitate the scope of employment by imparting skill based training among the unemployed budding youth. The chief purpose behind this exercise is to create the opportunity so that the unemployment youth could get training which is popularly know as EDP or Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

The State Government, through this Directorate provides fund to various Organisations like R. K. Mission, Enterprise Development Institute, BNCCI WEBCON and other well reputed Organisations for organising different kinds of trade based and managerial skill development trainings. Apart from these, all district level offices (DICs) under this Directorate organise such type of training programmes throughout the year.

This training aims in identifying the skill already latent in the inspiring trainees to develop certain skills related with the market oriented activities like production of new items, managing the business activities and also to increase the employability among the trainees.

Pattern of EDP

a) Skill development on handicraft items.

b) Mechanical items.

c) Engineering & Technological items.

d) Management based Programme etc.

Period of Training

Ranging from two weeks to 2 years.


As per requirement of the Programme.

Trainer Organisation

i) R. K. Mission Narendrapur Lokoshiksha Parishad.


iii) EDI (BNCCI)

iv) All DICs / Sub-DICs.

v) Any other faculty as and when required as per Programme Schedule.

Where to Contact

i) DICs / Sub-DICs

ii) IDOs at Block Levels

iii) Course Schedules are published in different newspapers.

iv) Ramkrishna Mission Lokoshiksha Parishad, Narendrapur.