Promotional Programme

The Department of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises and Textiles, Government of West Bengal, has been patronising the wonderful craft heritage of West Bengal, not only to sustain it but to develop it further, keeping pace with new demand pattern, new designs. Government has continuously encouraged and supported enhancement of skills for quality creations in the Handicraft sector which has reaped benefitsfor the craftsmen and created a growing number of craft-admirers both in the country and abroad.

The Directorate of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Governmentof West Bengal is the main promotional body in the state, and has its office at the New Secretariat Building (9th floor), 1 K.S. Roy Road, Kolkata 700001.Asthe facility provider, the Directoratehas been rendering assistances and implementing promotional programmes for development of theHandicraftsector. The District Industries Centres (DIC) and Sub-District Industries Centres (Sub-DIC) – located all over the state also fruitfully carry out implementation of these promotional programmes to reach out the handicraft artisans at block and village level.

The Handicraft products of the state are available at different emporiums and showrooms (ofBiswabangla,Manjusha,Bangasree etc.) spread over at various locations of West Bengal and outside. In addition to the District-level Handicraft Fair, the State Handicraft Expo is held in Kolkata in every winter where Buyer-Seller Meet is regularly organised for direct market exposure of the handicraft artisans. Participations are also made at various fairs and craft bazaars at national level and Indian festivals at foreign countries.

Major promotional programmes undertaken by the Directorate of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of West Bengal are :

  • District Level Fairs
  • Reimbursement of TA, DA & Carrying Cost to the handicraft artisans
  • Celebration of Handicrafts Week& Awards to handicraft artisans
  • Old Age Pension to Handicrafts & Village Industries artisans
  • Artisan Credit Card (ACC)
  • District Level Fairs

    All the DICs & Sub-DICs participate in the district-level fairs organised in the respective districts to extend direct marketing support to the handicraft artisans.

    Reimbursement of Travelling Allowance, Daily Allowance&Carrying Cost to Handicraft Artisans

    In order to promote sale of handicrafts products in and outside the state, the Directorate of MSME, WB is also implementing a Scheme for providing financial assistance in the form of grants for reimbursement of Travelling Allowance (TA), Daily Allowance (DA) and Carrying Cost to the handicraft artisans for participation in different Exhibitions/ Expos/Fairs, organised and participated by the Department of MSME&T and the Directorate of MSME.

    Celebration of Handicraft Week and Awards to Handicrafts Artisans

    The Directorate of MSMEcelebrates Handicraft Week every year. In order to encourage the handicraft artisans for creation of innovative designs and quality handicraft products, the Directorate of MSME has been regularly organising District Level Handicrafts Competition in each district and State Level Handicrafts Competition in Kolkata during Celebration of Handicraft Week. For participation in the National Handicrafts Competitions and other Competitions at National Level necessary arrangement is also made by the Directorate of MSME.

    Old Age Pension to Handicraft & Village Industry Artisans

    To promote handicrafts and to support the cause of handicraft artisans, the Directorate of MSME has been implementing the Scheme of Old Age Pension to Handicraft & Village Industry Artisans. In West Bengal, about 3,200 handicraft and village industry artisans – of age above 60 years &having no other source of income –are provided with a Monthly Pension of Rs 1,000/- under this Scheme.

    Artisan Credit Card(ACC)

    Government has laid stress on issuance of Artisan Credit Card (ACC) to the handicraft artisans, for providing requirements of working capital to carry out their activities incessantly, where a handicraft artisan can avail a loan of maximum 2 lakh rupees from banking institutions.


    Craft in Districts

    Handicrafts of West Bengal is not only a rich heritage of the creations of master craftsmen working through generations, it is also an amazing blend of variant creativity ranging from Stone Curving to Kantha Stich (Needle Work), from Shital Pati (Mat) to Dokra (Metal Casting).

    Sl. No. District Major Crafts
    1. Darjeeling Woolen Items, Brass & Bell Metal, Wood Carving, Cane & Bamboo, White Metal Jewellery, Painting (on cloth), Embroidery
    2. Jalpaiguri Cane & Bamboo, Wood Carving, Stone Carving, Jute Items, Embroidery, Soft Doll
    3. Coochbehar Cane & Bamboo, ShitalPati, Wood Carving, Sholapith, Jute Items, Soft Doll
    4. Uttar Dinajpur Bamboo Items, Terracotta, Mask, Sholapith, Wood Carving, Jute Items, Woolen Items
    5. DakshinDinajpur Cane & Bamboo, Dhokra (Jute mat), Embroidery, Jute Items, Sholapith, Terracotta, Mask, Wood Curving, Soft Doll, Imitation Jewellery, Mat (Natural Fibre)
    6. Malda Cane & Bamboo, Dhokra (Jute mat), Embroidery, Jute Items, Kantha Stitch
    7. Murshidabad Brass & Bell Metal, Clay Doll, Sholapith, Shell Carving (Conch Shell), Jute Items, Wood Carving, Bamboo Items, Kantha Stitch, Coconut Shell & Husk
    8. Birbhum Brass & Bell Metal, Dokra, Kantha Stitch, Batik, Artistic Leather Items, Terracotta, Sholapith
    9. Burdwan Dokra, Wood Carving, Kantha Stitch, Sholapith, Terracotta, Jute Items
    10. Purulia Mask, Natural Fibre (Babui Grass) Products, Dokra, Wood Carving, Bamboo Items, Lac Items, Soft Doll
    11. Bankura Dokra, Terracotta, Baluchari (Sari), Wood Curving, Brass & Bell Metal, Stone Curving, Bamboo Items, Patachitra (Scroll Painting), Shell Carving (Conch & Coconut), Painting (Dos AbotarTas), Decorative Lantern
    12. Paschim Medinipur Patachitra (Scroll painting),Brass & Bell Metal, Wood Carving, Imitation & Silver Jewellery, Stone Carving, Bamboo Items, Horn Product, Natural Fibre Products (Mat etc), Zari, Embroidery, Terracotta (Pottery)
    13. Purba Medinipur Brass & Bell Metal, Wood Carving, Carpet, Jute Items, Patachitra (Scroll Painting), Bamboo Items, Shell Carving, Marine Jewellery, Mat (Madurkathi), Zari, Kantha Stitch, Batik
    14. Nadia Clay Doll, Brass & Bell Metal, Terracotta, Shell Carving (Conch)
    15. Hooghly Zari & Chikon Embroidery, Batik, Terracotta, Imitation Jewellery
    16. Howrah Zari, Batik, Imitation Jewellery, Soft Doll, Jute Items, Sholapith, Wig, Wood Carving, Coconut Shell
    17. North 24 Parganas Cane & Bamboo, Embroidery, Zari, Kantha Stitch, Soft Doll, Terracotta, Wood Carving, Imitation Jewellery, Jute Items
    18. South 24 Parganas Zari, Jute Items, Embroidery, Terracotta, Silver Filigree, Wood Carving
    19. Kolkata Copper Repoussé, Embroidery, Soft Dolls, Batik, Clay Model, Jute Items, Kantha Stitch, Paper Craft, Artistic Leather Items, Batik, Imitation Jewellery

    Craft Concentration (District-wise)

    The following table offers a glimpse into the wonderful diversity of crafts of Bengal.

    Sl. No. Crafts (arranged alphabetically) Districts of Main Concentration
    1.Baluchori (sari)Bankura
    2.BatikBirbhum,Hooghly, Howrah, Kolkata, PurbaMedinipur
    3.Brass & Bell MetalMurshidabad,Nadia, Birbhum, Bankura,PaschimMedinipur, PurbaMedinipur, Darjeeling
    4.Cane & BambooDarjeeling,Jalpaiguri,Coochbehar, UttarDinajpur, DakshinDinajpur, Malda,Murshidabad,Purulia,Bankura,PaschimMedinipur, PurbaMedinipur, North 24-Parganas
    5.Clay Doll/ ModelingNadia, Murshidabad,Kolkata
    6.Coconut (Shell & Husk)Murshidabad,Howrah, Bankura
    7.Copper RepousseKolkata
    8.Dokra (Metal Casting)Bankura, Birbhum,Burdwan,Purulia
    9.Dhokra (Jute mat)DakshinDinajpur, Malda
    10.EmbroideryDarjeeling,Jalpaiguri,DakshinDinajpur, Malda, PaschimMedinipur, Hooghly, North 24-Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Kolkata
    11.HornPurbaMedinipur, PaschimMedinipur
    12.Imitation Jewellery (including Silver & White Metal Jewellery)Hooghly, Howrah, Darjeeling,DakshinDinajpur, PaschimMedinipur, North 24-Parganas, Kolkata
    13.Jute(diversified items)Jalpaiguri,Coochbehar, UttarDinajpur, DakshinDinajpur, Malda,Murshidabad, Burdwan, PurbaMedinipur, Howrah, North 24-Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Kolkata
    14.Kantha StitchBirbhum, Burdwan,Malda,Murshidabad,PurbaMedinipur, North 24 Parganas,Kolkata
    15.Lac ItemsPurulia
    16.Leather (Artistic items)Birbhum, Kolkata
    17.Mask(of different types & materials)Purulia, UttarDinajpur, DakshinDinajpur
    18.Mat (Madurkathi, Masland & of other Natural Fibres)DakshinDinajpur,PaschimMedinipur, PurbaMedinipur
    19.Natural Fibre Items (like Babui Grass etc)Dakshin Dinajpur, Purulia, PaschimMedinipur
    20.Patachitra (Scroll Painting)Paschim Medinipur, Purba Medinipur, Bankura
    21.Painting (on Cloth, Cards etc)Darjeeling,Bankura
    22.Shell Carving (Conch Shell, Sea & River Shell)Purba Medinipur, Murshidabad,Bankura,Nadia
    24.SholapithCoochbehar, UttarDinajpur, DakshinDinajpur, Murshidabad,Birbhum,Burdwan, Howrah
    25.Silver FiligreeSouth 24-Parganas
    26.Soft DollJalpaiguri,Coochbehar,DakshinDinajpur, Purulia, Howrah, North 24-Parganas, Kolkata
    27.Stone CarvingJalpaiguri, Bankura,PaschimMedinipur
    28.Terracotta (including Pottery)Bankura,UttarDinajpur, DakshinDinajpur, Birbhum, Burdwan,PaschimMedinipur, Nadia, Hooghly, North 24-Parganas, South 24 Parganas
    29.Wood CarvingDarjeeling, Jalpaiguri,Coochbehar, UttarDinajpur, DakshinDinajpur, Murshidabad,Burdwan, Purulia,Bankura,PaschimMedinipur, PurbaMedinipur, Howrah, North 24-Parganas,South 24-Parganas
    30.Woolen ItemsDarjeeling, UttarDinajpur
    31.ZariHowrah, Hooghly, PaschimMedinipur, PurbaMedinipur, North 24-Parganas, South 24-Parganas

    Crafts and Use

    Crafts of Bengal not only infuses elements of grace, beauty and elegance to an otherwise drab and harsh day-to day life, it also adds dimensions to everyday life as household utility, gift item, fashion accessory and decorative.

    Medium Skill/ Craft Product Utility/ End use
    MetalCasting, Engraving, Etching, Inlay, Embossing, Repoussé, EnamelingBrass and Copper Artware, Bronze Cast Items, Iron Decorative, Kitchen & Tableware, Wrought Iron Items, Furniture, JewelleryInterior Decoration, Collectables, Fashion Accessories
    StoneCutting, Shaping, Carving, Turning, InlayStatues, Decorative, Jewellery, Tableware and KitchenwareArticles of Utilities, Collectables
    WoodCarving, Engraving, Turning, Lacquering, Painting, Inlay, MarquetryStatues, Furniture, Toys, Decoratives, Kitchen and TablewareInterior Decoration, Collectables, House Accessories
    Cane & BambooCutting, Shaping, Weaving, Coiling, Engraving, PaintingBaskets, Mats, Furniture, Tableware, Toys, PanelsUtilities, Decoratives, House Accessories
    Natural Fibre (Straw, Grassetc)Weaving, Coiling, TypingMats, Bags, Baskets, Knick-knacksUtilities, Decoratives
    Cotton, Wool, Jute, etc.Hand Printing, Tie & Dye, Batik, Artistic Weaving, Embroidery, Appliqué, Knotting, Tufting, Felting, Knitting, PaintingCarpets, Durries, Druggets, Lace & Lace Goods, Embroidered, Appliquéd and Hand-printed Textiles, GarmentsInterior Decoration, Fashion Accessories, Household furnishing, Garments.
    LeatherArtistic leather work, Embroidery, Appliqué, Embossing, PaintingArtistic Footwear, Bags, Purses, Garments, Saddlery, Jewellery, FurnitureFashion Accessories, Utilities
    Horns, ShellsEngraving, Carving, Etching, Painting, Turning, Shaping and PolishingDecoratives, Paintings, Statues, JewelleryHome Accessories, Fashion Accessories, Collectables
    Clay and CeramicMoulding, Shaping, Firing, Etching, Painting, GlazingPottery of Artistic Shapes and DesignsInterior Decoration

    Bangasree (The West Bengal State Handicrafts Co-operative Society Ltd.)

    An Apex Society under the Directorate of MSME, involved in beneficial and promotional activities for the handicrafts artisans of West Bengal by means of procurement of handicraft items directly from the artisans or from their societies. The items are marketed by The West Bengal State Handicrafts Co-operative Society Ltd(Bangasree) – through their showrooms in and outside the State as well as by participation in various fairs.

    Paschim Banga Mahila Samabay Mahasangha Ltd. (PBMSML)

    It is an apex society of woman handicraft artisans under the Directorate ofMSME. Its aim is to explore market of the items produced by Women Cooperative Societies. This job is executed by this Apex Society by sale through its showrooms and also through participation in different fairs.

    Major Promotional Bodies

    Sl. No. Name & Address Phone Fax Email
    1Directorate of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of West Bengal, New Secretariat Buildings, 9th Floor, 1, Kiran Shankar Roy Road, Kolkata- 700001(033)
    2Office of theRegional Director (Eastern Region), Development Commissioner(Handicrafts), Government of India, CGO Complex, 3rd floor, A-Wing, DF Block, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064(033)
    2334-5403, 2359-6744, 2359-6745
    3West Bengal Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd. ("Manjusha") Karuangan, 1B-181, Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 091(033)
    2335-1226, 2335-6322, 2335-2979, 2335-6166
    4West Bengal State Export Promotion Society 2, Church Lane, Room No: 401, 4th Floor, Kolkata – 700 001(033)
    2243-9188, 2243-9187
    5Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, Regional Office – Kolkata 53/1, Sambhunath Pandit Street, 1st Floor, Kolkata– 700 025(033)
    6The West Bengal State Handicrafts Co-Operative Society Ltd. (“Bangasree”) BangasreeBhawan 4D/23/1 Dharmatala Road,Tiljala, Kolkata -700 039(033)
    2343-1940, 2343-1935, 2343-1965, 2343-1941
    7PaschimBangaMahilaSamabayaMahasangha Ltd. South End Enclave, Room no: 206, 2nd Floor, 1582, Rajdanga Main Road, KasbaKolkata - 700 107(033)